In-coming Quality Control



The Incoming Quality Control (IQC) takes every precaution necessary to ensure the materials used in our products meet customer requirement.

  • Perform yearly supplier audits such as PCBs, metal parts, plastic parts and etc.
  • IQC inspection team conducts sampling check on all material lots according to the level II of ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 sampling plan based on the Engineering Specifications, and reports any non-compliance to Suppliers Quality Engineering (SQE) team for further investigation.
  • IQC SQE team monitors evaluates our vendors’ performance based on the “Monthly Vendor Quality Performance Rating Report” .
  • The suppliers will be notified of their ratings. The worst performing suppliers are required to attend meeting and provide improvement plan on how to turn things around.
  • The team also works with our customers in developing an Approved Vendor List (AVL) which allows us to take full advantage of Hip Fung’s traceability system. This system, which is linked to our SAP system, gives us the capability to trace the production history of our products, beginning with the component level, which reduces the costly possibility of defects related to inferior component lots.
  • Also has the capability to provide services on Energy Dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX) measurement for RoHs compliance, ionic contamination test, RoHS testing, dimensional measurements and software for Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Measure of Process Capability (CPK) measurement.