Quality Engineering



Work very closely with customer and understand Customer’s Quality requirements.

  • Transform the customers’ requirements into internal specifications and inspections instructions and provide training to the inspectors on these requirements.
  • Attending to customers’ audits and complains analysis (application of 8D methodology) as well as handling of non-conforming products and Return Merchandises Authorization (RMAs) as a result of customers’ feedback, line and also suppliers issues.
  • Work with internal team for process yield and outgoing Defective Part Per Million (DPPM) improvement by having continuous improvement activities
  • Carry out buy-off for new product introduction New Product Introduction (NPI) build.
  • Drive for continuous improvement of internal processes.
  • Support customer in terms of product reliability.
  • Provide other quality related services to the customer when requested such as ionic contamination test, RoHS testing, Energy Dispersive X-Ray (EDX) measurement, dimensional measurement, temperature and humidity reliability test and etc.