Inspection and Testing



Inspection and testing are part of the quality assurance activities that Hip Fung perform on routine or sampling basis depend on customer requirement and product nature. In order to meet customer requirement, Hip Fung had equipped ourselves with the following facilities:

  • Testing: In-Circuit Test (ICT) and Final Circuit Test (FCT)
  • Burn in and On-going Reliability Test(ORT) : Burn-in rack / room , customize ORT test station.
  • Reliability test: temperature –humidity control chamber, specific thermal –cycling chamber for Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT) & Highly Accelerated Stress Test (HAST).
  • SMT Inspection Instruments: AOI , X-ray Imager for BGA.
  • Laboratories inspection instruments: RoHS substances screening machine (X-ray Spectrometer), plating thickness measuring equipment (Fischerscope), ionic contamination tester, CMM, optical vision measuring, profile projector.